Artist Statement

Two principle subjects have engaged me over the years: the landscape and the figure. 
I do not maintain a single cohesive style but prefer to allow each piece to dictate my response. Being a working artist born and raised in the Pacific Northwest I draw from the nature surrounding me. 

My paintings start from photos, sketches and memories. Change is an influential aspect of my painting. Each piece alters from its original colors, composition and emotions, flowing through change and resulting in multiple layers to its final creation. Bit by bit, layer by layer, my paintings take on their own personal expressions.  

I feel most alive when I create. My senses respond and I feel pulled into something larger, something greater than myself. I leave the creation of pretty paintings for others, as painting for me is a balance of randomness and chance versus the need to organize and resolve. I am captivated by the act of creating and the unpredictability of where each painting will take me.


Nancy is a working artist, painter and business owner living in Oregon. She has exhibited and won awards in numerous shows, taught various art classes and held solo shows. Nancy earned her Bachelor of Science in Art from Oregon State University. Her work has been included in various collections and publications, both private and corporate. Her work can be seen in Art for Everyone, a Chemeketa Community College textbook. Nancy is currently a gallery artist with Salem Art Association/Bush Barn Gallery in Salem, a gallery artist with River Gallery in Independence and Elsinore Framing & Gallery in Salem. She was previously an artist with Lunaria Gallery in Silverton and My Little Gallery in Neskowin. She is an active member of various art organizations including, Artists in Action, Salem Sketchers, Watercolor Society of Oregon, and Salem Art Group.  In addition to these artistic contributions, Nancy can be regularly seen teaching oil and coldwax classes through Art Department Supply in Salem. 

Art and creativity have always been an essential feature in Nancy’s life. Born into a creative family, she was raised by her mother and grandparents who were also artists and who instilled the artistic ‘bug’ in her. Embracing this artistic ‘bug’, Nancy then married an artist and raised two artistic daughters.

Nancy’s peers recognize her as a driven, prolific and focused artist who is always willing to embrace new creative ideas.