Oil & Cold Wax

Abstract Landscapes in Oil and Cold Wax

Congratulations to my talented and fearless students who took my oil and cold wax class over the past 4 weeks. I taught this at the Art Department in Salem to 8 very talented artists. They learned the properties of cold wax, and numerous techniques like scraping, using squeegees, wisk brooms, and stencils to create texture. Each student worked on 3-6 cradled boards at a time. We shared ideas, laughed together, relaxed, created art together and made new friends. I will be teaching this class again due to the demand and interest in this intriguing medium on April 9th at the Art Department.

Here are a few of my students fantastic art they created.



New Endeavors

It's been quite awhile since I've posted an entry....

My new website is powered by Squarespace. My daughter Jenny is a Customer Service Advisor for Squarespce and helped me develop this wonderful new exciting look.

Many things happened this year. I had a solo show at Lunaria Gallery in Silverton where I showed over 50 pieces of art, cold wax paintings and assemblage pieces.

I've been busy teaching at The Art Department in Salem where I've been teaching oil & cold wax and plaster classes. My next class in oil and cold wax will be in January. 

River Gallery in Independence had a wonderful show entitled "This Oregon Life" where I exhibited a 30" x 40" piece.  Salem Art Association had a show entitled Radius 25, "Walkabout" where I was interviewed about my exhibited art "Evening Harmony" by Downtown Salem Strong.

I took an exciting 4 day workshop in Portland which was held through the Watercolor Society of Oregon were I am a member. The workshop was with the very knowledgeable and prolific artist Robert Burridge. He is such a characher with lots of funny stories and very open about sharing his secrets and wealth of marketing knowledge. And did I say "I love his art!"

This year has been very busy. My art groups, art galleries and art friends always keep me focused and push me in ways that help me strive to be a better person and a better artist. 

"Dark Haven", 12" x 16", oil & cold wax

"Dark Haven", 12" x 16", oil & cold wax

"Well Balanced", 16" x 24", oil & cold wax

"Well Balanced", 16" x 24", oil & cold wax